Integration School is a social constructivist bilingual school, which has been around for 20 years. Integration has as its priorities the respect for childhood, the welcoming and caring for children as expected from the Brazilian Educational Base, tending to the specific needs of each learner.

During Pre-K, Kindergarten and the first Elementary years, the school is a place where children learn to engage and cooperate in a small community, so that in the future the child is able to live safely and autonomously with the rules and challenges posed by society. It is a great place for the exchange of information between peers. Children get to learn among other children, broadening their scientific and cultural universe.

We believe that the students learn by interacting with the teachers and their classmates in collective discussions that allow them to access knowledge of different sorts: concepts, principles, behaviors, values and attitudes.

Integration School has as its main goal forming individuals that have language competence as a whole, developing their intellectual capacities as in thinking, reflecting, criticizing, debating and giving new meaning for information, not losing sight of social compromise and ethical values on the carrying out of their activities.


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