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Our Kindergarten Education has the purpose of inviting children to interact with each other, with the school space and with knowledge. With a well-planned and dynamic routine made by our teachers, we develop many activities and experiences involving knowledge areas such as literacy, arts, math, social and motor skills.


Elementary School

Our first years of Elementary School (from 6 to 11 years old) have as its goals forming children that are capable of listening, being heard and understood, and speaking in a variety of situations. Integration School wants to form an autonomous and self-reliant individual, which goes after the answers for their own needs.



A long-term special education model in which two languages and two cultures meet in order to create a unique experience at school. Children who are educated through this model will be able to participate in both cultures as well as use both languages, being more prepared to face new challenges.


Integration School is a social constructivist bilingual school, which has been around for 20 years. Integration has as its priorities the respect for childhood, the welcoming and caring for children as expected from the Brazilian Educational Base, tending to the specific needs of each learner.


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Rua Prof. Hilário Veiga de Carvalho, 138
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